Be Part of the Solution: Yes on Prop 19

I can tell you all about why marijuana is beneficial and why it should be legal until you’re blue in the face, but what it comes down to is the bottom line. How do we make it happen?

Prop 19: Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannabis

So here’s the low-down on Prop 19 and what it really means. Voting yes on Prop 19 will:

  • Control cannabis like alcohol, allowing adults 21 and over in California to possess up to one ounce of cannabis, to be consumed at home or licensed establishments.
  • Give state and local governments the ability to tax the sale of cannabis for adult consumption.
  • Put our police priorities where they belong, by ending the arrests of non-violent cannabis consumers, saving hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars a year and enabling police to focus on violent crime.
  • Generate billions in annual revenue to fund what matters most in California: jobs, healthcare, public safety, parks, roads, transportation, and more.
  • Cut off funding to violent drug cartels across our border who currently generate 60 percent of their revenue from the illegal U.S. marijuana market.
  • Protect our kids, our roads, and our workplaces, by increasing the penalty for selling marijuana to minors, banning the smoking of marijuana in public, on school grounds, and while minors are present, maintaining strict criminal penalties for driving under the influence of marijuana, and preserving employers’ rights to maintain drug-free workplaces.

I know, it almost seems to good to be true, but marijuana really has the potential to create jobs, boost the economy, take money and power away from dangerous drug dealers, and free up law enforcement officers to attend to real criminals. So be part of the solution and cast your vote on November 2!

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One Response to Be Part of the Solution: Yes on Prop 19

  1. ander181 says:

    I really like how you are addressing your readers and inviting them to “be part of the solution.” This motivates and enables them to actually go out and help make a change, which is the point of a blog to begin with. Putting your benefits in the form of bullet points made them easy to read and understand and your photos were a nice addition to the post. My only suggestions would be to embed your link(s) in a new window (you can do this by clicking on the link while editing and adjust the “target” selection) and hyperlink “How do we make it happen” so that it links to information on how to vote for Pop 19 on November 2.

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