Stop the Mexican Drug Cartels

This intensely graphic photo was taken in Mexico City after a shoot-out between rival drug cartels. According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the violence was sparked by a botched drug deal involving an estimated 20 kilograms of marijuana, a dispute that led low-level members of the Sinaloa cartel to open fire on local dealers.

This killing has to end!

This year, the deaths from the cartels is already up to 3500. That’s a 40% increase from past years. Today’s Mexican cartels “are as ruthless and brutal as any terrorist organization,” says Sen. John McCain. It’s time to stop funding this violence!

According to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, Mexican drug cartels receive 60% of their revenue from selling marijuana in the US. In addition, the FBI states that the cartels control marijuana distribution in about 230 US cities. Our laws in the US have created a thriving black market for marijuana. This puts money directly into the hands of evil drug lords.

For the cartels, marijuana is the king crop. It consistently sustains its marketability and profitability. – Rafael Reyes, the chief of Mexico & Central America section of the Drug Enforcement Administration

Prohibition Doesn’t Work

In the 30s,  when alcohol prohibition took place, organized crime was fueled and Al Capone only grew more powerful. This is the same with marijuana. People aren’t going to stop purchasing marijuana, so let’s make sure they can get it from a safe and reliable source, in particular, one that is not killing thousands of people every year.

Vincente Fox,  the Mexican President from 2000-2006, supported legalization saying, “We should consider legalizing the production, sale, and distribution of drugs as a way to weaken and break the economic system that allows cartels to earn huge profits…radical prohibition strategies have never worked.”

NY Times says that despite huge enforcement actions on both sides of the Southwest border, the Mexican marijuana trade is more robust and brazen than ever.

Be part of the solution and legalize marijuana. No more funding these heinous acts. Let’s put our money to better use, like fixing our own economy.

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3 Responses to Stop the Mexican Drug Cartels

  1. aliciafrat says:

    I think it was really important for you to talk about the violent and the drug wars. I agree that radical prohibition creates more challenges and more often than not, negative outcomes. I like that you have several quotes and resources, it gives you so much credibility and I don’t question you at all. I am more convinced to vote yes on prop 19 because of your blog. It looks like your blog is effective! And great writing by the way. Very professional yet simple enough for the average joe to understand

  2. Mary Petrie says:

    I am glad that you included this benefit. I believe legalizing weed would improve these drug war issues and ultimately stop putting the money in the hands of gangs and back into the states control. I think that the one of the big concerns the government has is it might take 8-10 years to even begin controlling the drug wars once legalized, but personally I find that excuse ridiculous.
    If you need another point to defend, try to find evidence of the governments concern and counter their points with the great research you have conducted.
    -On another note, I have a friend with sever ADHD and he has been to rehab several times for drug use. He just recently got into a serious motorcycle accident and was on life support for months. Thankfully he has recovered (he was noted as THE SICKEST patient in Harborview Hospital to ever survive) however, he now has a prescription to marijuana to maintain his addictions and pain. Ultimately, it saves his life, so I’m all for it!

  3. Wow! It was a great idea to start this post with that horrifying picture. It took me awhile to be able to take my eyes off of it and start reading the post. But once I did I have to say you made an extremely compelling statement. You have really done your research and I look forward to learning more about this issue.

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