Who Really Benefits from Drugs?

This video should set a few things straight about who’s behind the prohibition of marijuana. Check it out:

Money talks. And those who have money speak louder.

William Randolph Hearst:

In addition to Harry Anslinger, William Hearst played a major role in the support of marijuana prohibition. But why? For those of you that don’t know, Hearst owned and operated many newspapers and the paper mills thatprinted the paper. When hemp gained popularity and competed with his paper production Hearst lobbied and used his political power to eliminate his competition.

Hearst used his newspaper empire to fuel a propaganda campaign against marijuana with articles entitled, Marijuana Makes Fiends of Boys in 30 Days and Create Terror of the Killer Weed from Mexico. In addition to fueling racist attitudes toward Hispanics, Hearst papers run articles about marijuana-crazed negroes raping white women and playing voodoo-satanic jazz music.

As you can see, the people that made marijuana illegal in the first place had motives of their own and used their money and power for their own benefit, not for the betterment of others.

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